Dutch Publishers Association

The Dutch Publishers Association has the following member groups, and seeks to provide an optimum representation of the specific interests of individual members within these groups:

  • General Publishing Group (GAU)
  • Educational Publishing Group (GEU)
  • Magazine Media Association (MMA)
  • Media for science and profession (MVW)
  • Dutch Newspaper Publishers Association (NDP Newsmedia)

To help its members respond effectively to a rapidly changing market, the Dutch Publishers Association therefore has a secretariat staffed by specialists who can support both the collective interests of members and their individual requirements. Two secretaries with sectoral expertise under the management of a director provide expert help in a variety of areas.

First, the Legal and Economic Affairs secretariat represents members’ collective interests in the field of copyright, company law and deals with a broad range of related economic aspects and problems, such as VAT, SEPA and CSR. Queries from individual members concerning legal, copyright and socio-legal matters are handled by the Legal Services Foundation, which works in close consultation with three highly reputable law firms. Second, the Social Affairs secretariat coordinates social policy.

In order to preserve the individual culture, specific interests and separate activities of the various publishing groups, the Dutch Publishers Association unites groups which already have their own secretaries. The association attaches great importance to maintaining the specific identities and activities of these groups. Its key objective is to combine and integrate the collective knowledge and experience of all the affiliated groups into a single association and then to channel this collective know-how to its members.